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Terry Whitehead is a singer/songwriter in Atlantic Beach, Florida. If you like an eclectic mix of adult alternative music, you are in the right place. His love of all genres of music is reflected in his style.

Terry is currently part of the eclectic rock duo Side Track with guitarist Dave Knopsnyder  as well as the 6-piece Americana Rock band Red Afternoon.   

Side Track performs at the following venues: North Beach Bistro, Jacksonville Golf and Country Club, Selva Marina Country Club, Queens Harbour Country Club, Hidden Hills Country ClubCulhane's Irish Pub, LuLu's Waterfront GrilleSlider's Seafood Grille, Courtyard at 200 First Street, Riverside Arts Market, Lillie's Coffee Bar, Royal Palm Wine & TapasArchway Gallery, Brucci's Live, Mudville Music Room, Enza's Italian RestaurantJaxon Social, and Joseph's Live. Sometimes Side Track performs as a band with Warren Miller on keyboards and Beau Halton on drums. 

Red Afternoon has performed at Culhane's Irish PubMojo Kitchen BBQ Blues BarRiverside Art's Market, Courtyard at 200 First StreetLandshark Cafe, North Florida Acoustic Festival, Marshfest, and other venues and events

Please see the Side Track calendar for most of Terry's gigs. Click on calendar here: Side Track dates.

Check out the "About Terry" page, and the Side Track website for more information.

If you like the vocal style of John Hiatt, Marc Cohn, Don Henley, Jackson Browne, Mark Knopfler, Bruce Cockburn, Bruce Hornsby, Stephen Stills, Eric Clapton, Paul Rodgers, and James Taylor you might enjoy listening to Terry.

Terry's new album "Garden" is now available!

Click Here To Listen To The New CD!

Garden CD Release Event on September 19th 

  • The CD Release event will be at Mudville Music Room on September 19th 7:30PM featuring many of the musicians on the album. See the flyer below for details or contact Terry from this website.

You can listen to all of Perfect Wave here:

Perfect Wave  

Perfect Wave

Click on the CD image to check out the tracks and more information about the CD.


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